How Do You Raise Funds For Your Upcoming Missions Trips?

I recently asked our Instagram followers how they are raising funds for their upcoming missions trips. The responses were very good! Here they are:

✈ @joy_marielle_ - Tee shirts through @fundthenations, Parents Night Out, Selling clothes, etc.

✈ @aleigha_k - Support letters, Discount card selling, Fundraiser dinner.

✈ @lightforindia - I'm going on a mission trip to India and need about $3000 by May! I'd love to hear more ideas!

✈ @tyler_godfrey25 - Support letters, and a bucket around a city.

✈ @xsweganx - Support letters, odd jobs, sell bracelets, and I sell candy bars at church/school.

✈ @melissa_hope_rie_ - Bake sale.

✈ @cpmoore3 - Support letters,

✈ @jessiecamertz - I went with only partial funding...I have a blog about it. But long story short...a friend made a quilt and raffled it off for me.

✈ @tytytyy - Host a babysitting day, have responsible friends baby sit with you at a park. Plan activities and games for the kids! Make it a donation. I was blessed to have raised $400 in 4 hrs. watching 23 kids with 7 friends/family helping me. Great way to share the missions purpose in a different way.

✈ @tytytyy - A garage sale, cleaning houses, and yard work are also great! I believe it's good to work for it, so that you are being willing to serve before the trip begins!

Again, these are great ideas for raising funds for your upcoming missions trip. As we get more, we will post them!